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Greetings, and Welcome to the Shadow Site.

If there are any ad banners, I suggest dragging each of them from its top right corner and placing it to the bottom left corner as far off screen as you can. Afterwards, you can try to finish it off with a minimization attack. Then you can view this site in peace, instead of in pieces.

Feel free to participate in our community including the Forum and FTP sections of the Shadow Site. You can view stories, fan-fiction, poems, & other creative writings that we have here on this site. You may also post your own works to the forum section of the site. Anyone may anonymously access the FTP section of the site through a web browser, or via an FTP client, but only members may submit their own works to the FTP section of the site. Members will need an FTP program to submit their works. The FTP URL's are for HTTP (Web Browser) access and for FTP (Client) access.

We have other services on the site besides creative writings. The Shadow Shop includes a variety of stores for you to shop from including:, Dell, E-Bay, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, Walmart, and many others. There is also an Investments page that lists some online opportunities for you to receive high returns from High Yield Investment Programs. We kindly accept donations via PayPal and credit card. We accept donations for the Forum as well (If we get enough, the advertisements will go away). Please participate in our community, post to the Forum, chat in the chat room, purchase items from our Shop, and support us with your donations. Thank you; come again. [Bl)