Introducing care designed to understand, relate to, and promote wellness for all women.

Introducing Dr. Peggy Scurry!

Obstetrician and Gynecologist.


When you walk into the office of Peggy Scurry MD - OB/GYN, you'll realize this is no ordinary doctor's office. Dr. Scurry has created an environment with one thing in mind: YOU.

As you progress through all of the wonderful stages of womanhood, from your first examination as a young woman, through your child-bearing years, to the change of life, you deserve excellence in gynecological and obstetrical care.

Dr. Scurry and her friendly staff look forward to joining you on your personal journey.

You'll enjoy an environment where you're encouraged to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about any subject that effects your life as a woman. An environment where you'll feel safe, knowing that what's said privately to your physician stays with your physician.

Begin your journey toward a lifetime of good health today, with care dedicated to women who understand.