Introducing care designed to understand, relate to, and promote wellness for all women.

Sensitive Service to Remember

No matter what your health concern, you can trust Peggy Scurry MD - OB/GYN, to treat you with personal, compassionate care. She always takes the time to listen to your concerns and will answer all of your questions in terms you can understand.

As a physician who has served this community since 1982, Dr. Scurry has earned a reputation in the Washington area as the doctor you can recommend. This is especially obvious when you consider that over 90% of her new patients come from patient and professional referrals. In fact, her warm personality and friendly staff have also earned the trust of many local physicians and nurses.


Viewing Your Care as a Partnership

Dr. Scurry treats you as an individual. She knows your story is as unique as you are. And she approaches your care as a partnership with you.

From routine checkups and annual tests to treating pelvic pain and internal problems, the onset of menstruation, infertility concerns, pregnancy and menopause, Dr. Scurry provides the best in care. Her advanced education and proven abilities have earned the trust of thousands of Washington area patients.


Memorable Personal Service

Our belief in setting high standards doesn't stop at healthcare. Our female support staff is proof of that. Providing personal attention and service that exceeds your expectations, they work as a team to meet your needs.

They want what you want: to make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the office. So by the time you come in for your visit, you'll feel like you're in the company of old friends.


Compassion, Affordability, Convenience

While our extensive services and years of experience bring many women to us, some of the things that set us apart from other women's healthcare providers don't seem to have anything to do with medicine at all. We're friendly! We're easy to talk to. We spend time listening. We educate in easy-to-understand language. And these are just a few of the "little things" that make a big difference.

We offer early morning and evening appointments to fit your busy schedule. And Dr. Scurry or covering physician is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Because we don't want finances to be a worry, we accept most insurances and even file them for you. Plus, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Whatever your reason for seeking quality gynecological and obstetrical care, we look forward to helping you enjoy every marvelous stage of life-woman to woman.


Special Expertise for the Transition to Motherhood

The magical experience of childbirth is a major milestone in a woman's life, marking the end of one stage and the beginning of another.

This time can be exciting and rewarding beyond imagination. It demands the selection of a compatible caregiver skilled and experienced in every type of care required for a healthy pregnancy and the delivery of a beautiful baby, ready for love.

We offer you state-of the-art obstetrical care, including amniocentesis, fetal monitoring and ultrasound. Dr. Scurry is a skilled and compassionate doctor who's delivered hundreds of babies during her medical career.

Yet, to Dr. Scurry, each pregnancy is unique. She spends as much time as necessary to personalize a program of care that suits the needs and desires of expectant mothers and fathers, from among the many options available.